Self Hypnosis Workshops

Group self hypnosis workshops are an opportunity for people to dip their toes into the experience of hypnosis. While it is less of a financial commitment for clients, I approach each workshop with as much personalised care as I can offer. These workshops are often private groups of up to six clients, and each workshop’s focus is unique. Clients are welcomed to choose their own focus, such as topics like replacing and reframing negative thoughts with positive thoughts and behaviour with the goal of creating affirming shifts in their lives. 

We begin the group experience by discussing hypnosis, the history and development of it as a treatment, and its efficacy and ability to provide healing and relief. We review the Mind Model and I explain the links between the conscious, subconscious and critical faculty of the mind. Most often someone in the group will volunteer to step into the role as a demo client, and I guide them into a hypnotic state of flow. The group members witness the process and then as a group they all enter into a deep state of relaxation where the mind and body release during hypnosis.  

When their group hypnosis concludes, we debrief about their experiences and they are welcomed to share what they feel comfortable expressing about their experience. I will provide each student with a Self Hypnosis audio file to take home.  I invite them to use these recordings at home so they are able to recreate their experience in the comfort of their own home while feeling supported.