Private Practice

Private sessions focus on building trust and a rapport between myself and my client. These uniquely tailored sessions are centered on customizing the treatment to the client’s personalised needs. Once we have established this connection, together we dive deeply into the client’s needs and focus on the areas in their lives where resolution and healing need to occur. In these sessions clients speak of the feeling of safety and release that happens as space is held for them to move through their areas of focus, and find resolution. Once we have moved through their treatments, clients come back into their conscious realm, and we debrief about their experience and create a plan for them to move further down their path of healing. For me, the relationship created during treatment is without expiry, and it is important my clients know that even though our session may have a time limit, my care does not. This journey that we take together remains a sacred space and I always keep that door open to further continuing care with all my clients.